Arc Architects

Meadowside St. Paul’s Church is a fine ‘B’ listed, sandstone kirk dating from 1845, which rises in a confident display of Victorian stone masonry high above the centre of Dundee.

Lashed by the weather for 160 years, when stones began to fall from the spire onto the street below Arc was called in and oversaw emergency works. A second phase of roof repairs was funded by the Dundee Historic Environment Trust in 2009.

The 160ft spire was comprehensively repaired in 2010, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland.  204 stones were replaced and six elaborate carved pinnacles and the gilded cross restored. Using advanced lime mortars to counter the spire’s severe exposure, the repairs stood up well to the extreme winter that year and the kirk now graces the centre of Dundee with it’s civic pride reinstated.