Arc Chartered Architects: Practice Profile 2012
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(PDF 14.0Mb)

Toms Book
Earth Masonry: Design & construction guidelines
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Unfired Earth Brick Building: Affordable Eco-House
Building for the future Autumn 2005 (PDF 291Kb)

document1 Earth Structures Renders and Plasters: Experiments in Historical Techniques & Weathering
Lehm Conference October 2004 (PDF 94Kb)

Building With Earth In Scotland: Innovative Design & Sustainability
Full Report 2001 (PDF 283Kb)
4 page summary (PDF 72Kb)

Unfired Clay Product R&D
Materials World Article, January 2006 (PDF 132Kb)
Unfired clay brick, mortars and plasters: Interim guidance (PDF 175Kb)
Development of unfired clay brick systems for sustainable construction
(PDF 2586Kb)

A Vulnerable Beauty: The earthern architecture of Iran
RIAS Gallery Spring 2004
(PDF 1.7Mb)

Soft Cappings Seminar
Historic Scotland
Programme October 2011
(PDF 756Kb)

Low Cost Earth Brick Construction: Dalguise Monitoring & Evaluation
Final Report, 2005 (PDF 6.5Mb)
Building for the future Autumn 2005 (PDF 291Kb)
4 page summary (PDF 72Kb)
Unfired clay brick, mortars and plasters: Interim guidance (PDF 175Kb)

Householder Energy Efficiency Manual
Introduction (PDF 216Kb)
Traditional Villa
(PDF 1.5Mb)

Stone Cottage (PDF 1.6Mb)
Tenement Flat (PDF 1.5Mb)
Timber House (PDF 1.7Mb)
Dorran House (PDF 1.4Mb)
Modern Eco House
(PDF 725Kb)

The Schoolhouse Logie
Tanja Romankiewicz, November 2005 (PDF 152kb)

Dysart Tolbooth & Town Hall: Conservation Management Plan
November 2008
(PDF 1.9Mb)
Historical & Architectural Information Relating to Melville House
October 2003 (PDF 5.1Mb)
document1 The Tomb Of Sir James Melville of Halhill
Feasibility Study (PDF 834Kb)

Monimail Tower: Architectural Research Paper
(PDF 2.1Mb)

document1 The Anstruther-Wester Cluster
Options Appraisal 
(PDF 2.9Mb)
CaRB Report - Our Community Energy Saving Project
What we did & what we acheived
(PDF 3.2Mb)
NHTT Toolkit
Our top 40 Energy Saving Ideas for Your Home
(PDF 3.0Mb)
Protecting Clay Mortar with Plants in an Unpredicatable Climate
Technical Report
(PDF 3.4Mb)

Soft Capping in Scotland
Volume 1
(PDF 3.1Mb)
Volume 2
(PDF 10.7Mb)

TLP Clay Building Rapid Survey Report 2012 v.2.pdf
Technical Report
(PDF 1.3Mb)